About Watermountain Studio

Watermountain Studio offers training and coaching in public speaking, presentation, and conversational services to the business and non-profit communities of western Massachusetts.  We also provide support through graphic design, copywriting and messaging to businesses and non-profit organizations.


We give advice around here.  We try to be in the advice giving business along the lines of “skin in the game” a la Nicholas Nassim Taleb — we’re not going to tell you what YOU should do; we’re going to tell you what WE do.

In the last year, we’ve coached individuals, non-profits, a state government agency, and several small businesses to their own standards for success — through copy-writing, speech presentation, design methods, and technical support.  We have broad range of skills to put at your disposal.

Here are some things we’ve done:

  • redesigned a trifold brochure for a state government agency and helped them develop an overall brand style;
  • coached a specialty food sales team on how to talk about their product;
  • designed and made banners for a community club organization;
  • coached individuals on developing presentations for a non-profit community development night;
  • coached a company on making better presentations in a time-limited way;
  • advised a university library on developing a MakerSpace and Maker program;
  • advised a private K-8 school on developing a Maker program.

A typical coaching arrangement begins with two hours of twenty-minute coaching sessions on developing a single presentation, and helping a presenter develop a strong voice for presenting in a timely, confident manner.  Further assistance can also be provided.