Chapbook: The Tai Chi Poem

We’re pleased to report that is now carrying Andrew Watt’s chapbook under our imprint, The Tai Chi Poem.

Andrew writes:

In 2014, I composed sixty-two sonnets describing the process of moving through the tai chi form that I first learned in 1998 in northeastern Connecticut.  That sonnet sequence is now available as a downloadable Kindle file from

Like most of my sonnets, these are Shakespearean or Elizabethan sonnets, in iambic pentameter with a rhyme scheme running ABABCDCDEFEFGG.  Some portions of the sequence may be useful to tai chi teachers for creating effective mnemonics for their own students, but I don’t recommend trying to learn tai chi from reading the poems aloud or reciting them.  Some things are better left to professionals rather than me.  I also think the poems are quite beautiful on their own.  My goal, overall, was to create something akin or in the tradition of the traditional martial arts and tai chi manuals, a combination of simple diagrams and poetic descriptions of the movements. The work is dedicated to my teacher, Laddie Sacharko of Star Farm Tai Chi.  The tai chi poem will always be available exclusively from Amazon in print form.

Chapbook: Poems for the Behenian Stars

Watermountain Studios is proud to announce the publication of Poems for the Behenian Stars by Andrew B. Watta collection of 18 poems about and for the traditional wisdom associated with the fifteen brightest stars in the northern celestial hemisphere.

The digital PDF is available for immediate download through the website, for the low-low price of $10.  A paper edition may be forthcoming.


What is a MakerSpace?

A big article on what a MakerSpace is, and how it relates to other types of work areas for artists, designers, and Makers.

So, that’s the way I see these things — MakerSpaces revel in the sheer joy of creativity; DesignSpaces build things with a purpose; ArtistSpaces explore creativity without necessarily giving it purpose; and TinkerSpaces are for sticking things together until you get ideas… but won’t necessarily help you build anything real.

Where does your space sit in the definitions?  Are you really operating a DesignStudio when you think you’re running a MakerSpace?  Is your school’s MakerSpace really a TinkerLab?

Read the full article; it’s worth it.


Hello world!

Welcome to the Watermountain Studios.

You can find us on Etsy at

The primary purpose and philosophy of the Watermountain Studios is three-fold:

  • Make things out of natural materials and sell them to people who want to make things;
  • Make tools, books, furniture and other things in traditional ways that help reveal how things are made;
  • Provide teaching and consulting services to others on how to make things in traditional ways.

We do this in a number of ways:

  1. We make things out of wood, cloth, and paper;
  2. We sell them on Etsy and through other outlets;
  3. We offer consulting services to schools, MakerSpaces, and libraries (as well as individuals and other institutions) through the Thinkery.
  4. We build things and explain how they got built and why, on