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Coaching Services

Improved communication and public speaking skills are an important of any organization’s overall strategy.  Knowing what to say is your business as an expert — but knowing how to say it is someone else’s business.

Our primary business here at Watermountain Studio is making things. That’s where my real joy lies.  But for twenty years, I coached people in speaking and debating skills, to help them prepare for delivering school reports and participating in mock trials, debate teams, and public speaking appearances.  There’s a graduate-school-level training that I acquired in rhetoric and communications skills; then I joined Toastmasters and acquired an even more sophisticated training in communications techniques.

Now?  I help business people in western Massachusetts refine and develop their overall media strategy, by helping them develop strong communications skills and improve their confidence when speaking with clients, regulators, other industry professionals, and suppliers.  I’ve worked with a growing number of clients in numerous industries to help them develop their public speaking skills, their branding and messaging, and even their marketing materials.  I’ve served:

  • government-sponsored agencies
  • environmental engineering
  • local non-profits engaged in business development
  • sales forces
  • leadership development teams

I might be able to help you.

Black and White Quilt

This quilt was my first effort to put a border around the main body of the quilt.  It worked out pretty well.  

It’s available for sale on Etsy, through the Watermountain Studio store.

Building a MakerSpace

Let’s say you’re part of an institution — a church, a library, a school — that’s decided to start a MakerSpace. You’ve read all the books, skimmed numerous articles, watched all the videos, and gotten the go-ahead from your stakeholders. You hired a contracting company, and the workmen are going to be ripping out walls and installing new electrical wiring any week now. You are completely confident in your plan, and you are sure that you have thought of everything. 

But what if you haven’t?

There are at least seventeen major errors that we are aware of, that most schools and libraries have failed to think about. Many of them have to do with the curious blind spots these organizations have with regard to planning for maker spaces and maker programs.  And unfortunately, the more money the organization is throwing us for your Mischel launch of their maker space, the more likely it is that they will make a greater number of these serious mistakes. Shortsighted thinking in favor of “building is now “can lead to costly and painful decision making later on. It can hamper the growth of the maker space program, and it can block it from becoming fully integrated into the institution’s existing program.

email us, or give us a phone call. Guide you through our checklist of common problems, risks , and opportunities.  For our low introductory consulting fee, we’ll guide you through the shoals where you are navigating blind.